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Best Kinesiology Taping in Dallas, Texas 

Kinesiology taping is a method of athletic taping designed to support and stabilize muscles and joints during the body’s natural healing process. The staff of Longhorn Injury & Rehab Centers, applies kinesiology taping in the office in the treatment of many recreational and competitive athletes, as well as patients in need of general pain relief. Through their expert taping techniques patients are able to stay active and safely participate in sports with significantly less pain. The pain-relieving benefits of kinesiology taping extend beyond sports injuries. Those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), lower back pain, herniated disc, knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, bursitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow, plantar fasciitis, swelling and sprains, shin splints, rotator cuff injuries, and even headaches can be co-treated with taping.

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How Does Kinesiology Taping Work?

Kinesio Taping uses 100% cotton athletic tape uniquely designed to mirror the elasticity of skin and muscles. Its patented technology enables full range of motion, unlike other athletic taping that is restrictive and interferes with performance. Longhorn Injury has extensive experience in applications that provide the best stabilizing, pain-relieving, and circulatory effects. Targeted tape placement effectively stabilizes joints and stretches muscles without restricting movement or compressing the skin. While kinesio taping uses sweat-proof, waterproof, and durable tape that last for several days, the adhesive is hypoallergenic and non-irritating.  

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Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio taping addresses rehabilitation and pain needs in three distinct ways:


  • Alleviates strain on affected muscles
  • Prevents painful or harmful muscle extension
  • Dynamically improves postural positions


  • Restores normal muscle activation and functional stability
  • Promotes nervous system changes necessary for healing
  • Enhances sensory stimulation for pain control


  • Improves flow of blood and oxygen to promote healing and performance
  • Addresses swelling and edema​

​Kinesiology Taping Results

  • Pain reduction
  • Performance enhancement
  • Improved circulation and healing
  • Injury prevention
  • Continuation or early re-engagement of sports participation
  • Extends therapeutic effects of treatment beyond appointment