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Longhorn Injury | Best Chiropractor Near Me in Dallas, Texas

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Chiropractor Dallas TX | Best Chiropractor Near Me in Dallas

Best Chiropractor in Dallas, TX

Longhorn Injury & Rehab is a Health and Wellness Center for chiropractic and physical therapy near me in Dallas, Texas. Find best chiropractor near me in Dallas, Texas. If you’ve sciatica, lower back pain or need an adjustment we’ve the best chiropractors for you.

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Our Chiropractors, Physicians, Massage Therapists, and Support Staff strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, chiropractic care, chiropractic adjustment, education and satisfaction.
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Chiropractor Dallas TX

Find Best Chiropractors Near Me in Dallas, TX

. Trucking Accidents
. Auto Accidents
. Slip and Fall
. Sport Injuries
. Disc Problems
. Shoulder​
. Workers Comp
. Whiplash
. Neck Pain
. Back Pain
. Muscle Spasms
. Hip

We Take Care of Your Health

Health isn’t just about good genes and healthy life.
Currently the stress generated by chronic pain and
autoimmune disorders, affect our body seriously and
there are many forms of stress.

The Physical stress occurs when we have accidents or
injuries; as twist our knees when running or when we feel
pain in our spinal misalignments because we walk onstantly.

The chemical stress emerges from the residue in our bodies
from the medications we take; the additives and unsafe
components in the food, cleaning supplies and beauty
care products.
Emotional and mental stress originate from a seriously imbalanced sensory system appear as a result of absence of relaxation and stress relieving techniques. In our centers, we can help you to improve your quality life with a professional and personalized service.